Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 2

FIRST THINGS FIRST: I forgot to mention I have a splint/wafer. And I hate it. I can feel it getting stinkier by the meal. And I'm also rubber banded shut, so I cannot talk. Pretty much means syringe feeding is the only way to go. Basically, everything I do is just 10x slower. I DO have an appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday though, and I assume he's going to teach me to undo my rubberbands, so things'll be able to go a little tiny bit faster.

I can't believe it's only day 2. Sigh. Time flies when you're lying in bed drinking various liquids through a syringe all day. Except not really.

Pain: I'd say the average has been at about a 2.5/10 all day. Mostly, my jaw joints ache, like they need to be stretched out or something, but there'll be none of that for 5 more days. Oogh.
Numbness: same as yesterday.
Discomfort: Still sick of the swelling, but I'm learning to deal.

Events for today: I've moved on from ice packs. Now I'm on heat! And only one more day of wearing the jaw bra *YAYAY*

This heat pack kinda smells like fried chicken. But my other one smells like plastic, and I don't know which smell is worse!

I took a shower today. Except it was really half bath half shower. And I discovered, it's really hard to breath when your nasal passages are swollen.
I've started to feel the tingles and the phantom itches today, which makes this tumblr post relevant.

I also got seasons 3-8 of Full House! (I already had seasons 1 and 2). So I'm pretty much set for the rest of recovery! And the rest of my life......... !

I had my first laughing fit today too. I was making weird faces at myself in the mirror, and started laughing. It truly does hurt. 0/10 jaw surgery patients would recommend.

And I got more flowers! Yay :)
I think the most frustrating thing today was that while I'm laying in bed I feel like I have all this energy, but then I get up to do a simple thing like take a shower, and I have to take a nap afterward. I'd much rather be out running or working or even talking!
My cousin is getting married tomorrow, and unless some miracle happens by tomorrow morning, I'm probs not going to the wedding.
Jaw surgery stinks. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

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