Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 6

Man. Tomorrow will be one week post-op and I CAN'T believe it!

Today, I had my one week post-op appointment with my surgeon to reconfigure my rubber bands. Let me tell you, it feels SO good. I can actually kind of half way talk, I can breathe through my mouth if I really need to, the pain in my right jaw joint has lessened and I can take them off now for meals and cleaning so I've graduated onto drinking from a cup and eating from baby spoons. The syringes are in the past! I'm thinking about cutting them up and burning them, just to get out a little surgery-rage. Still, eating is a struggle. I feel like I can't remember how to eat things. Still, I ate some mashed potatoes, and a few bites of Fruity Pebbles cereal today, which I wouldn't have been able to do yesterday. We're making progress, and it's only going to get better!
The only thing is, I can't get my bottom teeth to fit in the groove of my splint. Like I just don't know how to move my jaw that way! So my mom's calling the oral surgeon's office tomorrow to see what we can do.

On top of that exciting event today, I had my first visitor: my cousin, Emma! She brought me my last paycheck, and a Jamba Juice because she's a doll :) AND she could understand my garbled, splint-impaired speech most of the time! I really can't wait to go out and be able to socialize comfortably. To do that, I need to conquer just two things: drooling, and talking.

To conclude this post, I have a funny story. Today, when my family was all sitting down to dinner, there was a knock at the door, so my dad went to answer it, and it was my old Sunday School teacher. He had come to lend me this book to read during surgery...

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. 1408 pages in total. My old Sunday School teacher is a Russian professor, so it was a little expected from him and his sense of humor. I don't know that he actually expects me to read it. Anywhoot, He explained to my dad about the book, and then bid farewell with a, "...And if you ever need anything don't hesitate to call.........the Bishop." This event had my whole family bursting out laughing. Just knowing his kind of sense of humor. Oh man. Laughing stretches out my incision sites.


  1. Hi Isabel! Congrats on getting to this stage! It feels so good looking back on the progress that's been made. I graduated from my syringes on day 6 too, and it does feel awesome! I kept my syringes for medication purposes, although burning them was tempting (not sure how well they do burn though? Heh)
    About your question about pain meds, I'm not taking them on a daily basis! I get the occasional headache/earache when I do need them but it's not every day. Also after being poked and prodded at the orthodontist I need either pain meds or ice. Congrats again! Bet your looking forward to your one week milestone :) Beth xx

    1. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question Beth! I've just been wondering because I haven't been feeling a lot of pain, but I'm a little afraid to stop taking my meds every 6 hours on the dot. I guess I'm just going to have to be brave and start judging off how I feel. Thanks so much again!

  2. *you're. I suck at grammar this late ay night :P