Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 12

S.O.S. MY SPLINT IS TURNING ORANGE. And I don't know what to do about it. It's just so full of noodles and such and I'm cleaning it the best I can, but eh. Right now I would give everything in the world for it to be removable, but that ain't gonna happen.

Today I went to my school to clear up some registration stuff, and I saw a lot of friends who haven't seen me for 3 months. It was pretty exciting. They all asked how I was doing, and all I really had time to say was, "Good, except I can't talk very well!" Then I'd have to move on to take care of other business, but it made me a little less nervous about having to go to school with this darn splint in my mouth.
I also had two friends (Mannon and Natalie) come to visit me! They brought me some chocolate milk and jello, and a Spongebob coloring book, and we played this game from the 80's called Heartthrob.
It's a gem.
*image from Google
Last night, I slept un-propped up for the first time. I woke up a little more swollen than usual, but the swelling went away fairly quickly, and I felt like I slept a little better than usual, so I think it was worth it!
My mom wanted to get the mountains in the background this time, but wasn't very successful. 

Don't look too closely, because you might see my orange splint. Blech.

Tomorrow, I have my two week post-op surgeon appointment, a haircut appointment, and my first(ish) night back at work! Aaaaand I'm going to try to make it to cross country practice just to visit.

Yeah buddy.

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