Saturday, August 16, 2014

Days 16-17

I apologize. I missed another day. And a day I actually had stuff to say too!
Anyway, here it is:

Day 16
I did end up going to cross country practice again, and with much more success than the previous day! I ran 3 miles and didn't feel light-headed at all! I seriously feel so accomplished. I think the difference between this day and the day before was that the day before there was all sorts of drills and jumping and stopping and starting and it was just too much, and this day this day, I just ran (and did a few wimpy push-ups and sit-ups). The biggest struggle, was my runny nose + numb upper lip combo. I was  so worried I had a snot trail coming out my nose that I couldn't feel. I was also worried that I was drooling, so I was wiping my face constantly.
However, I do believe my nose and chin are regaining feeling! My lips and under my eyes not so much, but they'll get there eventually (hopefully).

*Photos taken at an outdoor theater, and the lighting is not so great...

Day 17 a.k.a. today
I've had the strong desire to chew today. My family went out to eat tonight, and I ordered fish and chips because I figured the fish was soft enough to mush with my tongue and I could break up the french fries small enough to swallow whole. Don't get me wrong, it was going great, but I was so tempted to just stick a whole french fry in my mouth and start chewing! I resisted the temptation though. Just 11 more days until I have permission to chew again (barring any complications).

I have mastered the art of drinking through a straw! Dr. Jenkins gave me permission to start at my last appointment, but it's been a little rough since then, until today!

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