Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 5

Dear Blog, 
Today, not a lot happened.
I got a new flavor of ibuprofen: grape. My life is super exciting.
Uh, well. I think I'm getting more feeling below my eyes, and in my jawline area, so that's good! The tingles are continuing, which is also good. 
Today's annoyances include drooling, my syringes, and medicine. One of my syringes broke today, and  another one has decided to work only on special occasions. Hopefully, only one more meal of dealing with them though; surgeon appointment at 12:00 tomorrow. Then, my medicine is just tasting like the most awful stuff in the world right now. LUCKILY, there's only two more days of my antibiotic, and once my pain chills out a little, I won't have to take ibuprofen every six hours, just when needed!!!!
Tonight my mom's given me permission to sleep in my own bed! I've been sleeping in my parent's bed, due to the need of middle-of-the-night ibuprofen doses. And I kinda kicked my dad out. He's been sleeping on the couch, so we'll BOTH be happily sleeping in our own beds tonight.
Pictures of the day:

Bruising is still there.....

My 12-year-old brother makes sure to tell me that my swelling looks like it's gone down everyday. While my parents on the other hand have called me...
Augustus Gloop (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Violet Beauregaurde (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

And H.R. Pufnstuf (from H.R. Pufnstuf)

They're kidding, but they have a point. Personally, I feel like a Hath (half-fish-half-human from Doctor Who) especially when I'm doing mouthwash rinses and I start foaming at the mouth.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. HAHA. Oh man, I love the comparisons. So accurate.
    And you have different flavours of ibuprofen!?! We only have orange here. It's nasty. Grape sounds fantastic.