Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 19

School tomorrow. Not looking forward to people not recognizing me or the splint-tainted talking. Or facing the consequences of the summer homework I didn't do. I AM looking forward to seeing friends I haven't seen/really talked to in 3 months, and to feel productive again!
As a final summer treat, my family went out to eat at a mexican restaurant, and I ordered a smothered burrito, which was pretty easy to cut up in small pieces and swallow whole until I didn't cut a piece small enough and started choking. No heimlich maneuver, but it was pretty scary. And it made me kind of angry, usually when you choke on something you just tell yourself "Better chew better next time!" but this time it was "Better chew better next time... OH WAIT. I CUSSING CAN'T." Dumb jaw. Cut your food up folks.
Sorry, you get meh-quality laptop pictures from a weird angle, because I've stayed up too late doing last minute summer homework...

My smile is a little lopsided because of swelling and such. Thank goodness for school picture retake days.

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