Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 4

Hullo blog.

It was a pleasant day in the land of Isabel's jaw besides my joints.
My family went to church without me, but my dad came home for an hour in the middle of it to feed me :)
Pain and numbness are pretty much the same. My face is liking to tingle! Discomfort is getting better, mostly because I think I'm just getting used to my face. Swelling does seem to have decreased a little though! I don't feel less swollen, but I think I look less swollen! So yay.
In other news, my hair is shedding a lot. Partly because I shed a lot as it is, and probably partly because surgery trauma and drugs. Same with my skin; it was already kind of a mess, but now it's about 5x more greasy, and probably because drugs and stuff, and then it's peeling like I have a sunburn! Blaming that on the surgery, because I have not gotten a sunburn recently.
And I feel like I'm getting my energy back! My nap today was about half a Full House episode. Partially responsible for that was the lortab I took. AND I have spent a good amount of time outside the walls of my parent's bedroom today! I haven't really left that place since I got home. But today I actually sat in the living room and semi-laughed while I watched my brothers in the middle of an intense nerf gun war.

Green-y Yellow-y bruise + fat face. Delicious

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