Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 28 a.k.a. 4 WEEKS

I'M SORRY BLOG AND BLOG READERS. I really haven't meant to stop posting, school is just being all school-y and keeping me busy, so blog posts are probs gonna be on the down low from now on.

Sooooo 4 weeks. 2/3 done with the healing process! Mostly I'm sick of this splint. It's inhibiting my motivation to talk to people. And my family has tried to imitate my splint talk. They laughed. I didn't.

As far as numbness goes... My upper lip feeling is partially back. My nose feeling is partially back. I can feel my nostrils! And the feeling under my eyes is slowly coming back. The right half of my lower lip and right half of my chin are still pretty numb even though I feel tingles around that area all the time :\

My stitches are dissolving... yup.

In the past week, I went back to work, and all the patrons understood my splint-speech! My first day back I only worked an hour and a half, but my second day I worked 7ish hours probably? And it went ok. I brought a smoothie to "snack" on, and it got me through day.
I ran 4 miles! On day 23. It was great. I'm so much slower that the rest of my XC group though. It kinda stinks. And I'm still not pushing myself very much. 2 days ago, my team was doing a hill workout, and I decided to sit most of it out, because it was blazing hot, I was a little on the dehydrated side, and surgery and stuff. ALTHOUGH, today I did most of a track workout. I felt so accomplished (even if I was slow).
The other day in Drama class, our teacher chose a few people to read off short little monologues (about a paragraph long) and I was one of those people! I HATE MY SPLINT. That's all I have to say. The auditions for the fall musical are September 2, and I'm thinking my splint won't be out by then, so I've already explained to my drama teacher that it'll be out in 1-2 weeks, and that I CAN sing with it in, it's just difficult to pronounce things. Especially things with s's in them. We're doing Pirates of Penzance. I'm sups excited.


Here are pictures!

Day 22 front relaxed

Day 22 front smiling

Day 22 side

Day 22 other side
Day 25 front relaxed

Day 25 smiling
Day 25 side
Day 25 other side
Day 28 front relaxed
Day 28 front smiling (still so lopsided. Dear swelling, go away)
Day 28 side
Day 28 other side

I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow, for a 4 week post-op check-up. He said he's going to remove the rest of my stitches, and most likely give me the ok to chew soft things!  People keep asking me if I've planned my first meal I'm going to bite into, and to be honest, I haven't really thought about it. BUT now I've given it some thought, and my dad has agreed to buy a Costco chocolate cake as soon as he gets a call that confirms I have the go-ahead to chew! And I might get a Cafe Rio burrito for dinner. My mom thought I should get what I had for my last supper, but that was a Cafe Rio salad. And I can't imagine me chewing lettuce very well with my splint in, so burrito it is.
I WILL TRY to update tomorrow, since I have an appointment and that qualifies as blog-worthy news, but we'll see if that actually happens.

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