Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 21 a.k.a. 3 WEEKS

Yo yo yo blog world! It's officially been three weeks since I got surgery! Which means... I AM HALFWAY THROUGH THIS HEALING PROCESS. Hecka yeah.

Today in choir... we each had to sing a little solo. It was just like a sentence of a song, but everyone was freakin' out and I was just kinda like "AT LEAST YOU DON'T HAVE A SPLINT IN YOUR MOUTH." I'm over it. Only 2-3 more weeks of this thing. A few days ago, I had chunky peanut butter, and got a couple peanuts stuck up there. One came out today, but there's still one left and I hope it comes out before the surgeon takes it out... or that could get really awkward and gross.

My cross country team's first race was today! I was not feeling up to running my guts out, so I went and supported by cheering my guts out. Even with my splint.

Um. So none of my stitches have come out. I'm not that concerned though, I remember my stitches taking a long time to come out when I got my wisdom teeth out too.

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