Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 29

This post should be titled "Day 29 a.k.a. ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE" Because I had a really good day.

School just went really well, but then I had my 4 week post-op check-up aaaaaaand I got some good news!
First, I can start chewing really soft stuff, like soft bread, noodles, soft ground beef etc. The first thing I bit into with my new jaw was a fish stick. And my dad got a Costco chocolate cake to celebrate!  Chewing is weird man. I can't remember how to do it. I keep biting my cheek! Nevertheless, I've been singing "I can chew, I can chew I can chew!" all day to the tune of this song. (Peter Pan has a special place in my heart.)
Second, I can blow my nose. And I tried this when I got home, but I was really scared to. And I couldn't really remember how to do this either, I felt like I couldn't blow hard enough! And my ear got plugged up when I did! But I'll relearn.
Third, I only have to wear 2 elastics now! I was wearing three, one in the shape of square on my four front teeth and two on either side of that, and I no longer have to wear the square!
Fourth, I GET MY SPLINT OUT IN 5 DAYS. This was the happiest news I've received all year! September 2. (This means it'll be out in time for auditions for my school musical. Which is way good.) Gah. I'm just so happy about this. Only 5 more days of talking stupid!

Funny story: tonight I was at work, being an usher, doin' my usherly duties by showing people to their seats, and this guy came up to me and said, "Can I see your elastics? I'm an orthodontist." And I was like, "Um... uh... yeah?" so I showed my elastics the best I could, and then I explained I'd just gotten jaw surgery, and we talked a little longer about my orthodontist, and what they did to my jaw and such until he went to his seat. It was just kinda weird? I've never seen someone so interested in my braces besides my orthodontist!

Also, my worst fear has come true (more than once) I have drooled in school. It hasn't been anything too bad, I usually catch it before it comes to the worst, but drooling just isn't ideal. 

Farewell blog, for now. Til next time!

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