Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 9


Today, I went shopping with my family! I thought fatigue would be the biggest problem, but really, it was my runny nose. Ever since my blood clots have cleared out, a steady stream of snot has replaced them. And since I can't feel my upper lip, I don't know when it's running or not! Life is hard. Besides my nose running constantly, a few hours of walking around and trying on clothes really worked up my appetite. My family decided to go to a fast food place, one that we've ordered soup at before, so I figure it would work with my special diet, but when we got there we discovered that they only serve soup October-April or something like that... psssssh. So my meal plan got reworked to an order of sweet-potato fries and a strawberry slushie. I just tore of little bits of the fries and dunked them in fry sauce, and it might have taken me an hour to eat most of the fries, but I did it! I ate normal people food. I also stole half of my little brother's hamburger bun, and tore that into little pieces too. And all that filled me up! I'm not missing my syringe days at all.

When I got home, my cousin, Paige, came to visit with her friend, Nick, and his cousin and mom. Nick happens to be getting jaw surgery on Monday! And we have the same surgeon! But we have opposite jaw problems, Nick has an underbite and an open bite, and I had a overbite and an open bite. Both he and his mom had plenty of questions to ask, that me (and my mom) were hopefully able to answer. And mostly without drooling (score).
It's crazy how common this surgery really is, everyone knows someone, which I find so weird! I didn't even know this kind of surgery existed before I knew I needed it, and now IT'S EVERYWHERE. I find myself diagnosing random people off the streets with certain bite problems. It's a struggle.

Photos for today were taken inside (because I forgot til it was too dark outside)

Tried a smiling one today...!

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  1. Your smile is so cute!
    Oh man, I remember the runny nose. Mine was weeping this weird snot/blood mixture for like two weeks. Joy.
    Your recovering really well!