Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 3

Hi. It's me. I'm here.

Today is kind of a special day, because it was 1 year ago TODAY that I found out I needed this surgery! And now here I am. Blogging about my recovery. Life is too crazy.
Right now, I can't really decide if it's all been worth it yet, but I feel like the answer will eventually be yes?

Last night, I had a bit of a scare. I woke up to take my ibuprofen, but then couldn't fall back asleep, because my jaw joints WERE KILLING ME. They were just so sore, and if were able to open my mouth, I would've sworn like a sailor for at least 5 minutes straight. But, all I could do was take some lortab and go back to sleep. When I woke up, the pain wasn't as intense. So that was good. Now they're still sore (my right side more than my left), but I'm just gonna deal til Tuesday when I can take these cussing rubber bands off my mouth for a few minutes.

The rest of today was pretty uneventful.
Pain, numbness, and discomfort pretty much all same as yesterday.
I took a shower.
I ate some meals, and my syringes betrayed me! They sprayed blended chicken noodle soup all over me. I am so disappointed in them.
My splint got stinkier.
I missed my cousin's wedding.
I got to stop wearing my jaw bra!
I finished season 1 of Full House.
I ventured to the outdoors for the first time since coming out of the hospital today! I made it to my backyard. Progress, right? I was going to try and take a walk today, but gosh I don't know what happened! I've just been so busy! Just kidding. I will try harder on that walk thing tomorrow.
Aaaaaaaand I weighed myself. I've lost 6 pounds!

Woot. Pics:

I have the slightest bit of bruising, which you can kind of see in this picture.

Right now, I don't feel like I look swollen... I just feel like I look fat and can't close my lips!

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