Tuesday, July 29, 2014


 Oh man. That's pretty much what's being going through my head 90% of today: the word TOMORROW. I just can't. Physically I'm prepared for this surgery, but mentally? Somewhat.  Emotionally? Not really at all. Socially? Eh. I did hang out with friends/cousins today and yesterday, which was good. I think it'll last me til two-ish weeks, when I start to get some energy back.

Today has been the day of lasts. All day I've been saying to myself...
"This is the last shower with this jaw!"
"This is the last time I work with this jaw!"
"This is my last french fry with this jaw!"


I got surgical hooks on today! Only four, cause most of my brackets already had them.
So that was a thing

And I (and when I say 'I' I mean my mom) took a bunch of pre-surgery photos.
*Note: notice they aren't laptop photos, or selfies. (That's one of my mom's biggest jaw-blogging pet peeves)
Smiling front

Relaxed front

Closed front

Smiling side

Relaxed side

Closed side

Smiling other side

Relaxed other side

Closed other side

Aaaaaand my open-bited-over-bited-loveliness

And here's a few randoms...

This is a cool trick that has entertained many-- making my chin disappear. Probably no more of this after tomorrow. Tragic day.
And I had my last supper. Cafe Rio salad. And the sad thing is, I wasn't able to finish it. So now I just have leftovers in the fridge that'll never be able to be eaten. 
Me and my last supper. Aren't we cute?

Right now... the biggest fears are
1. catheters
2. throwing up blood (throwing up food I can handle... I don't know about blood. But if it happens it happens)
3. Waking up in the middle of the zombie apocalypse

But these are all things I could probably get over easily.

The end.
See ya on the flip side. 
This is from LOST. Just so you all know.


  1. Good luck Isabel! You'll be fabulous! Hehe know what your mum means about the selfies, although strangely, other people tire of taking endless pictures of your jaw! Hehe perhaps I should enlist my flatmate. Best of luck and stay positive no matter what! Take a leaf out of mine and Beth's books and don't let the nurses try and insist you eat quite 'solid' things like ice cream and yoghurt. Ask for a big syringe and a clear runny liquid! Write this down if you need to for them - I was using a mini whiteboard for the first day :-) You will be absolutely fine and best of luck to you. Keep us updated!



    Just thought I'd comment on your biggest fears and hopefully reassure you, because number 1 and 2 happened to me and they're not as bad as they seem. I can't advise you about number 3 though :P

    Catheters - this was one of my fears too, but it will only happen if your bladder decides to be silly! (which it probably won't) In my experience I was in so much discomfort and pain that embarrassment flew out the window. They don't hurt, just a tiny but uncomfortable.

    Throwing up blood - it sucks at the time but you feel so much better afterwards! Empty stomachs hate blood so it's a huge relief for the body. It's like feeling sick, then it happens and you think 'thank goodness for that!'

    Definitely take up what Jen said about food (: We were both on NHS which can be a bit stretched (I'm assuming you were on NHS Jen!) - I wasn't on the right ward because of the availability of beds so they didn't really understand my needs. Fingers crossed this will be different for you (:

    BEST OF LUCK - you're gonna ace it (: xx