Saturday, July 19, 2014

Okee Dokee

I kinda have a date?
Wednesday July 30.
There's this stupid thing with my insurance, and they won't cover the surgery if it's held at the hospital my surgery was originally scheduled at?? Even though it was on their approved list of hospitals... I don't even understand... but anyway, we're trying to get my surgery scheduled at another hospital for the same date.

I had my million-measurements-and-models appointment with the surgeon on Thursday. It went fine, except for the models. The surgeon ladies doing my models weren't exactly as efficient as the orthodontist ladies. I guess they weren't used to doing them with braces, so they put wax over my brackets! Dr. Jenkins wanted two top models and two bottom models, and they probably ended up doing about 6 total? And then I still had to come in the next day, because the ones they got still weren't what they were looking for!

Here be my x-rays

And here be my face after models. Look at all that rubber gunk stuck to my lips! Dang.

In other news, Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Christiansen consulted and apparently it was determined that my face also as a little bit of asymmetry so Dr. Jenkins will be moving my jaws in every way possible!  Up, forward, to the side, and rotating. Why is my face so messed up? He said the most precise way to perform this surgery is CT guided, so I had to go get a CT scan too.

The countdown is on!

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  1. Isabel this is very exciting! I hope you get the fine print sorted with your insurance so you can relax. I remember having my models done! Yep, that stuff is gross :-) Please keep us updated. How are you feeling in the final run up?!

    Jen xxx