Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 0 Photos

I hope you all enjoyed my mom's guest post yesterday.... Here are the pictures from yesterday.
This is my fancy surgery get-up

How I long for these less swollen days... sigh.

If anyone knows why these are called "Bair Paws" please step up and explain. I mean "Bare Paws" would make more sense, since you're bare and stuff in the back. But Bair? Not so much.


My very own jaw bra!!!

This is my face now.

This was the view from my hospital room. Isn't that a lovely helipad?

Nothing was on TV except Arthur... don't judge. It's a quality TV show.

Apparently my eye kept opening during surgery, so It might've gotten scratched or something. It hurt like none other though.

Look at that chin. Woo buddy!

As far as my 3 biggest fears went, only one came true: the catheter. But it wasn't too bad considering it went in after I was asleep, and came out before I was awake. Day 0 was full of morphine, and sleep. Keeping my eyes open was really a struggle. My nurses throughout the day were all super nice and helpful! But the only thing I was really able to eat was some peach nectar. To be honest, the worst part of Day 0 was really my eye hurting. The swelling was minimal and manageable. Pain was managed. And I'm alive.  I'm just so glad this is over. So incredibly glad. On to better days!

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