Sunday, July 27, 2014

Previously on...

Previously on this blog...
I had a date. But not a hospital.

Now, I have the same date, and a hospital!
July 30, 7:00 a.m. My hospital is about 30 minutes away, as opposed to my original hospital which was only 5 minutes away, so that's a thing. But it's whatever.

Also. Last Monday, Dr. Jenkins called and asked if I could come in for an appointment because something was up with my models. When I got there, he explained that the models some of his helper-ladies had taken made it look like some of my teeth had moved, so he just wanted to see if his helper-ladies had made a mistake, or if my teeth really had moved.
After lots of humming and haa-ing over my mouth and models (I even got to try on my splints!), Dr. Jenkins concluded that some of my teeth had moved.
And he said, that because of this, we might have to postpone the surgery.

This made me kind of frustrated, because I really haven't been able to get a straight date. It's always been, "Well maybe this..." or "Maybe that..." and I JUST WANT A FOR SURE DATE.

Now last week, I was at Girl's Camp (it's a church thing, and I had a blast!) and I was up in the mountains with no cell phone reception (or a cell phone...) so I had no way of knowing if my surgery was postponed or not til I got home. When I got home, one of the first questions I asked my mom was, "Is my surgery postponed...?", and she said the surgeons office hadn't called, and she hadn't had time to call them.
So considering that my tentative surgery date is two days away... I'm thinking no news is good news? Or at least I really hope so. I've already told everyone I know, and gotten three weeks off work, and I don't really want to have to be like "Just kidding! Not getting surgery yet!" to everyone. That would just be awkward and make me sad.
PLUS I've already been practicing sleeping elevated. #surgerynerd

On a side note, everyone I know has been so nice and supportive of this surgery. Haven't really gotten any "But isn't this plastic surgery?" questions. Maybe because they know me, or maybe just kind of the type of community I live in, but anywho. My grandma lent me her whiteboard for the first few days when I can't talk. One of my leaders at Girl's Camp offered to let me borrow her Gilmore Girls DVDs. Everyone's just so nice and it makes me so happyyyyy :)

On another side note, as far as nerves go, there aren't really any. About three weeks ago, I started kind of really freaking out, but now I just feel really calm about the whole thing. I mostly just want to get it over with.

Two days. Most likely. GAH.

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