Sunday, December 8, 2013

Patience is a Virtue

Hey... all you who read my blog. Or don't read my blog. If you're reading this right now, feel free to follow or comment! It'd be nice to know who's out there.
Anywho, time to get to what I've decided this pointless post to be about: patience.
I feel like this whole orthognathic surgery process is one big waiting game. Before I knew I needed jaw surgery, I waited a few years in much self-conscienceness for someone to tell me what was wrong with my jaw. Now I'm waiting to get surgery. And after surgery I just know I'll be super impatient for my swelling and numbness to go away. So much waiting, so much impatience. Right now, I think about jaw surgery everyday. I can't wait to be able to bite things, and to be able to close my mouth without thinking about it, and to have a chin (speaking of which I should probably post some profile pictures, as I haven't done that yet...).
Off the subject of patience...
I've noticed when someone notices I've gotten braces, they'll make a comment usually along the lines of "Oh! You got braces!" and then they proceed to tell me their whole braces story, and give advice on what to with my braces. I don't really listen since I've already had braces twice, but I don't tell them that either, so I just tune them out. It's weird that a lot of people I've known for quite a while don't even remember me having braces two times prior to this.
I have an orthodontist appointment on Tuesday! I can't really tell how far my teeth have moved since I got my braces on,
2 days in braces


Now that I look at these pictures, my midline looks sketchy. Oh dear. But there's nothing I can really do about it right now so it's whatever.
I've discovered that if I move my lower jaw forward actually touch! I wasn't able to do that before this set of braces! It's been nice to actually kind of bite stuff sometimes, even if it does strain me a lot!

My wisdom teeth removal has left holes in my mouth. Empty shells of nothingness that act as traps for my food.
There's been nothing going insurance-wise, other than the secretaries at my oral surgeon's office said the new insurance we're getting isn't known for funding jaw surgery. So... money. Yeah.
I think that's all for now! I might try to post profile pictures today. Maybe.

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