Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ortho Appointment

I just got back from an orthodontist appointment about 10 minutes.
I got new wires! But the wire they'd planned to put on my bottom teeth wouldn't go on, so I have a less heavy duty wire on the bottom, and I'm due back for another appointment in 3 weeks.
Other than that, the appointment was fine, except my ortho, Dr. Christiansen said I might have to get double jaw surgery after all. He said he's afraid that if I only get my lower jaw done, I might still end up with an open bite. It'd be a smaller open bite, but an open bite is an open bite.
I don't really care how many jaws of mine are operated on, it'd just be nice to know exactly.
It'd also be nice to know a surgery date. I was going to ask Dr. Christiansen when he'd think I'd be ready for surgery, and totally forgot, so I can't forget to ask him at my next appointment!
That's all for now. I'm sure my teeth will start hurting in a matter of hours. Yaaaaaay.

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