Thursday, June 5, 2014

Premature Posting

Hello blogging world,
I had an orthodontist appointment today, even though I wasn't scheduled for another one til the 23rd.
I had a bracket fall off (again) (pretty sure it was the same one that fell off last time).
It fell off Sunday (I think), my mom called the office Monday, and they were able to get me in today (Wednesday. They said it would've been Tuesday, but Dr. C wasn't going to be in the office, and he had to be there to replace a bracket.)
So I walked into the office, with my mom, because she was gonna ask Dr. C about a timeline for surgery. I walked in there not quite emotionally ready for what he would say.
I got news I could deal with.
He said it all depends on if my jaws will expand.
At the latest we're looking at being ready by October, which means surgery could be during Fall Break or Christmas Break?
Or if a miracle happens I could actually maybe be ready this summer.
Dr. C said he'd let me know if a summer surgery would be attainable at my NEXT appointment.
Either way, I'm happy I got a definite answer. I mean, summer would be preferable, because I'd like to get this over with ASAP.
Still, there's a little piece of me that keeps saying, "What if he's lying? What if we'll be stuck in braces FOREVER?" But I think it just needs to be quiet.

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