Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm Ready I'm Ready I'm Ready

This post is a tad late, but I had my appointment with Dr. Jenkins last Friday, and he said my mouth looks ready for surgery! *YAY*

He has to coordinate with his assistant surgeon to schedule the actual surgery, and wasn't able to get a hold of him during my appointment, but as of right now I have three possible dates: July 28th, 29th, or 30th! It would've/could've/should've been sooner, but I'm goin' campin' the 22-26!
So I still don't have an exact date, but we're getting closer. It's within my grasp.
My next appointment with Dr. Jenkins is the 17th of July, and I'm guessing they're taking all kinds of measurements and stuff.
I didn't really have any questions for Dr. Jenkins (because I've spent countless hours looking at jaw-blogs, and they've answered most of my questions), but I did ask him when I could start running again-- I'm on the cross country team at school, and my surgery is kind of in the middle of the season (but I'd rather have this surgery as soon as possible). He said I could start training again after two weeks, but given that I'd still be on a liquid diet it'd probably be hard to muster up the energy to train very hard, so I'd probably be able to REALLY start training again after a month. We'll see how that goes... heh.

Other than that, there's not much to report, except I'm kind of actually getting a little scared for the surgery. I've never really been afraid to get this surgery but all of the sudden my mind has gone into worst-scenario mode, like what if I wake up and the world is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? (see: The Walking Dead) I probably wouldn't last a day... this is a legitimate fear!


  1. Good luck Isabel!
    Don't worry, I think everyone gets cold feet just before the surgery. I know I did. I thought 'oh, I don't really need it' and 'will it even make such a big difference', but it is all worth it. You'll be so pleased after a month or so! :)

    Just remember, the results are slow to show (especially when you're swollen like a balloon) but long-lasting and life changing.


    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH ABI. You really have no idea how much this has helped me :)

  2. Hi Isabel! Ooooh it's getting very exciting for your surgery! It's absolutely normal to be scared :-) You'd be strange not to be a little anxious about it! I wanted to see if I could reassure you though (check out my blog for more!) - here were some of my fears...
    I wouldn't wake up after anaesthetic. I'd never had it before so I was apprehensive and actually started to feel like I shouldn't be trying to fix something that IS liveable. I think this was just nerves! I was absolutely fine. They gave me a sedative before the anaesthetic, and the consultant was extremely reassuring. He was talking to me about teaching (my job) and the next I know I was awake! Obviously it's odd because you have your jaws banded together, but I wasn't in pain. That first night I didn't sleep, but I wasn't frightened. Just have some facebook buddies ready to chat to you and make sure someone gives you your phone when you come out of theatre! I also recommend writing yourself a note or something, or reviewing these will be hard to remember all the positive vibes in those first few days but try to remind yourself and panic not! I recommend having a wash and getting out of bed as soon as possible after you get back to your room. You might feel achey all over and just...not quite yourself. Get a big V shaped pillow and bring it to the hospital - this is great for sleeping upright, which feels a lot more comfortable. Don't be scared that you can't breathe - I got freaked out because it felt like this, but everyone time someone checked, my oxygen was 100%. It just feels that way because of the swelling but it isn't true. Don't be scared if it's hard to swallow - this is normal! I could barely swallow for the first couple of days. Get a syringe, and really runny liquid - water/apple juice, or dilute your Ensure drink - it looks fine but trust me, anything creamy or slightly thick will feel weird those first couple of days! I stood up, tilted the syringe into my mouth, squeezed a small amount into my mouth (but enough to give me something definite to swallow) and let it drip down my throat. I then swallowed when I could feel it going down. My dad held a bowl under my chin because this was quite messy. Be persistent and see it as a challenge! You will figure it out. I know other people try straws easier (I couldn't do this) or a small spoon. It's a good idea to get a kiddy sippy cup - less messy although you might not manage it at first!

    It's a weird thought to think someone is going to do all this to your face while you're asleep, but the good thing with jaw surgery is you meet the surgeon so many times beforehand! You can really build up trust. I was not scared of Jaw God :-)

    Best of luck to you Isabel!!!! Please ask me any questions you have.

    Let us know when you find out when your surgery is!

    Jen xxx

    1. Thank you Jen! I'll be sure to remember all these tips in recovery :)

  3. Omg so soon!!! At least you won't have too much of a wait and then it will all be over and done with! I am looking forward to your updates, best of luck!
    Oh, and I love the spongebob gif!!!