Monday, June 23, 2014


I had an orthodontist appointment today and...
I went in there fully expecting them to tell me that I'd have to wait until this fall to have my surgery, BUT.
Dr. C said I could have it tomorrow if it were absolutely necessary, and then he told me I could schedule a surgery date, as long as it was after the 15th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I AM SO EXCITED. I was seriously prepared to wait until Christmas break to have my surgery, so this is just the best news of my life.

Dr. C said I just have a bit of a cross bite, because my top molars are behind my bottom molars. To try to fix that I got some 'bite blocks' put back there:

They're the blue things in the back of my mouth

They feel super weird. And my teeth only touch in two places when I bite now (which isn't a whole lot worse than before...)
*open bite intensifies*

This is me biting down with my bite blocks in place. I can basically stick my whole tongue through that opening... sigh. 

I have another appointment in two weeks!

After we got home, my mom called my surgeon, Dr. Jenkins, and we set up an appointment for this Friday to talk 'bout stuff. And we need to get my insurance stuffs re-approved, because it was only good for 90 days, and it's been longer than 90 days, but that should go smoothly.

I need to go find lots of smoothie recipes, and soup recipes, and milkshake recipes, and decide what TV shows to catch up on, and read more blogs, and plan my last supper, and tell everyone I know that I really truly am getting surgery this summer. I'M SO HAPPY. YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!


  1. Good luck for getting a surgery date! I've hated waiting for mine so I really sympathise! My surgery is going to be on 22nd July so you might be having yours at a similar time! We could be surgery buddies (:
    I'm currently looking up recipe ideas too, have you come across any good ones?

    B x

    1. We can totally be surgery buddies! I'm probably going to have my surgery about a week after yours! I haven't found a lot of recipes, but the ones I've found are here ---->

  2. Isabel! I'm so excited for you that you have got a date for your surgery. I remember when I got mine and I was so excited! I'm Jen, I'm 29 and should have had this surgery when I was 18 :-) I just had my double jaw surgery 2 weeks ago, and I'm feeling good! I had an overbite and open bite. In terms of recipes!!! I am in the post-eating-with-a-syringe, pre-solid-food phase. Beth (above) this may help you! I was in hospital for two nights post surgery and in that time I really struggled to eat anything. This isn't so bad as it sounds, because you're so out of it and they will give you fluids on a drip anyway. The funny thing was, people kept bringing me soup and yoghurt and ice cream, and I really couldn't eat it!!! Ask them to give you a big plastic syringe, if they can - I found it easiest to do this standing up and angling the syringe into one corner of my mouth. Focus on just water at first, then try to drink the Ensure or meal replacement drinks they give you, or juice. I had a hard time swallowing at first because of the bite splint, the swelling, and y'know, the fact my jaw had been cut in 6 places! :-) But keep trying, don't get frustrated and it WILL happen. Do that for as long as you have to, but experiment every now and then with a straw, a spoon and a cup. I actually mastered sipping from a cup before I did drinking through a straw, but everyone's different. From there on in, you're good for smoothies, soups and super-pureed food. I used my smoothies to hide the not so nice taste of the Ensure drinks. My favourite: 1/2 strawberry Ensure drink, 1 strawberry yoghurt, 1 banana, 1 big scoop vanilla icecream, handful of strawberries, handful of raspberries, and a splash of milk. This will get about 500 calories in you, all your vitamins in you, and tastes pretty good! Other than that, mash potato is a good base. mix it with milk to make it runny enough and be careful with temperatures, especially if you can't feel your lips! :-) I blend it with cheese, with chicken and sauce, fish and broccoli...all these things will look gross but you'll just be happy they have different flavours. Hope that helps for now! I'm going to post lots about my experience from the last couple of weeks, so I hope it might help and reassure you :-) Jen x

    1. Jen! Oh my goodness, thanks for all the tips! I'll be sure to keep checking your blog :) Hope your recovery continues to go well!