Saturday, October 19, 2013


It's done! My wisdom teeth are no longer in my mouth.
I wish I had a hamster so we could be twinners.

My appointment was @10:00am, so I didn't have to go to school! I was pretty pumped.

Pre-op Excitement.
Jk. I wasn't quite exactly excited.

Pre-op x-ray anyone?

Everything went fine.
I believe the total surgery took about 45 minutes.
This is me right after waking up from surgery!

I won't be posting any pictures of me with my eyes open, because my eyes were just screaming "Druuuuggs...." But even though was on drugs, I didn't do anything funny/stupid/video-worthy. I'm rather disappointed.
Another right-after-operation pic

I'd just like to say, I'm very grateful for my mother! She drove me to and from surgery, and then served as my slave for the rest of the day. She gave me my meds, food, and ice packs alllll dang day.

1-ish hour post-surgery. This is my sad swollen face.

Everything was fine til about 2 hours after surgery, when I found myself in a lot of pain, and my pain meds didn't seem to be kicking in. I made it through though! I think I would've been able to handle the pain, if I hadn't been so numb at the time. My cheeks, chin, and lower gums were numb, and I just didn't want to handle it all!

34-ish hours post-surgery.

So yup. It's pretty much been me, my ice packs, and Supernatural all weekend.
I feel like this surgery was a little taste of what jaw surgery will be like. Except this time around I didn't have to eat through syringes, and only part of my face was swollen/numb, and I wasn't in a hospital, and I didn't have braces, and my mouth wasn't banded shut, and, and, and, etc. So not really, but kinda.
I have an appointment with my surgeon next Friday the 20th, and then I'm getting braces the 28th!
I'll be writing soon.

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