Thursday, October 17, 2013


Look who got their impressions done!
This kid.
On Tuesday I saw my surgeon for the first time since my consultation, and got four impressions done for pre-authorization (one upper jaw, two lower, and one for my bite). Woot.
More pictures?
My mom: "You look just thrilled!"
I was.

Trust me, I'm trying to smile.
I remember impressions being a lot harder when I was 8.
But anywho, that's pretty much the most exciting thing that's happened around here concerning my teeth and jaws.
Oh yeah, and I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow! That should be pretty exciting. Everyone I've talked to sympathizes for me, except for one of my friends who said,"It's so fun! You get to be on so many drugs!"
I'm ready for the chipmunk cheeks and drugs.

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  1. Good luck on getting your wisdom teeth out. It really wasn't too bad for me, so I hope you have a similar experience. YAY for meeting with the surgeon!