Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Good News

Last Friday I had a post-wisdom-teeth-removal-checkup appointment with my surgeon (I will call him Dr. C), and he gave me some good news!
First, my mouth was looking good. Infection free!
Second, from the impressions Dr. C took of my mouth last time, he took some measurements, sketched some possible surgery outcomes and determined that I don't need double jaw surgery, I only need lower jaw surgery! Only one of my jaws needs to be operated on! I AM SO HAPPY. I just went from two broken jaws, to one. Heck yeah.
Thirdly, Dr. C told me that my teeth were so well aligned that it might be possible that I wouldn't have to get braces! But, I would have to talk to my orthodontist first. He said he rarely tells people this, so I felt pretty special. And I had some brace-free hope for the weekend!
Then I got some of the new profile options I would have for surgery. Dr. C said I could get just lower jaw surgery, or that I could get lower jaw surgery and genioplasty. So I have kind of a big decision to make...

Far left: my present profile
Middle: profile with lower jaw surgery alone
Far right: profile lower jaw surgery and genioplasty
That was all for my post-wisdom-teeth-removal-checkup appointment. That was on Friday, and I had an orthodontist appointment on Monday.
I went in, and told my orthodontist what my surgeon had said about the possibility of not getting braces, but he said it would be best if I did get them. He said that usually there's a little bit of tweaking that goes on after surgery (which I understood from fellow jaw-bloggers), so I got braces for the third time two days ago!
This is the pic that went on instagram.

Full selfie

Close up of my teeth/bite
I think this shows my open bite quite well.
*Note: I'm pretty sure my teeth aren't that yellow in person.
I'm thinking it's the bad camera quality+weird lighting combo.

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