Tuesday, March 8, 2016

GO me.

Wow am I the worst blogger ever or what?
So LAST MAY, I got my braces off :D (May 8, 2015 to be precise)

After. Glorious day 'twas. (Also, what is my hair doing in this picture? Ew smh.)

It was a good feeling. For about .2 seconds. Right after I got them off I had a feeling my bite had started to slowly relapse.... I tried to ignore my bite... because my teeth and bite were better than they'd ever been in my whole entire life. I didn't bring my bite up at any of my follow-up appointments because I avoid confrontation like none other. So I tried to ignore the problem away... I celebrated by one year surgery anniversary by taking a million pictures <3

 But today I had an appointment to get new retainers (because mine have already cracked and I haven't even had them for a year??) I somehow gathered the strength to bring up my bite. Dr. Christiansen said that yes, my bite had relapsed a lil' bit. Right now I have about 4mm of overjet and 10% overbite. AFTER ALL THIS TIME. MY FREAKING MOUTH. After countless teeth extractions, 3 sets of braces and one jaw surgery my mouth still isn't perfect. And there's ain't a whole lot I can do about it. Dr. Christiansen said that even if I did get braces back on so I could wear rubber bands and fix my bite, there's still a good chance my bite would open back up a teensy bit after I got them off. He also mentioned I might want to go talk to my surgeon, Dr. Jenkins, to see if he could offer an in-depth explanation of my relapse :/
Not gonna lie, I am a little disappointed. But. My mouth functions a million times better that it did previously, and I'm a million and ten times more comfortable with my face overall. So idk bro. Surgery and braces weren't completely for naught. I'll probably just have to wait 'til I leave this life and pass on to the afterlife for a perfect mouth :)

San Diego<3

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My brothers love pictures. Merry Christmas.

(New Years..)

*I DYED MY HAIR ANNND I'm not sure I'll ever go back to blonde. I love it sooo much*

Family selfies are a struggle.
Catch y'all on the flip side

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  1. Yay! You look great :) Sorry to hear about the relapse, I hope they can fix it.

    Love the hair, brunettes definitely have it better ;)