Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 239

Guess who had an orthodontist appointment this week...
Guess who might get their braces off roughly 2 weeks...

Yeah so at my orthodontist appointment Dr. C said that at my next appointment, in 2 weeks, we'll be able to schedule a removal date if everything looks good!
And the thing is, I actually kind of believe him this time! My mouth feels really good! Everything seems to be where it needs to be!
The first food I'm eating when I get my braces off is a caramel apple. I don't care if I'm allergic to sugar, I DESERVE IT. And then I'm going to get teeth whitener. Because I deserve that too.

Other than that, I'm lovin' my face!

I just got back from choir tour, which took place in DISNEYLAND. It's crazy, because last year for choir tour we also went to Disneyland, and I remember saying "This is my last trip to Disneyland with this jaw." And just so much has changed it's crazy.
So this next pic is from choir tour 2014. I'm the one on the far right...

Tour 2k14

Tour 2k15...

Me and my cute friends:)

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