Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 194

First things first, throwing up with braces is absolutely AWFUL. 'nuff said.

So somehow I missed my 6 month mark? WHAT? MY LIFE. Holy cow, I absolutely cannot believe it has been half a year since surgery. Life is so normal now... my face looks great (and will look even better once I get these metal monsters off my teeth), I can chew, and I have feeling in the majority of my face (my gums are a little numb, and I have some numb patches on my chin). I'm so grateful for this whole experience I've been able to have. Jaw surgery was actually a HUGE trial in my life, but I've seriously grown so much from it, and if it had to be anyone's trial, I'm glad it was mine.
Ok. I'm done being cheesy and cliché.

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