Saturday, February 8, 2014


Previously on Isabel's blog...
She got new insurance that didn't accept her old surgeon, so she's been on the quest to find a new one.

In the past week I've had two consultations with two jaw surgeons and now I have to pick one AND I CAN'T DO IT. They both seem so good, and I feel like I really couldn't go wrong with either one, so I don't know what to do!
I consulted with a Dr. Jenkins, and a Dr. Park.
They basically told me the same stuff, that I could have either lower or double jaw surgery, and that I'd probably need a genioplasty.
The only difference was that Dr. Park said he'd be using screws on my lower jaw so I'd have two incisions outside my mouth. Dr. Jenkins said all incisions would be made inside my mouth because he'd use plates on my lower jaw! And Dr. Park said because of my jaws, my airway is a little bit smaller that it should be, so if I didn't have the surgery, I would probably definitely have sleep apnea in my 40's, and that's no good.
Also, Dr. Jenkins' office had an incredible view of the mountains and a VERY large flat screen TV to show me the x-rays of my mouth. So that was pretty cool. And he said most of his high-school-aged patients that have their surgery during the school year can usually go back to school about a week after surgery! I didn't really need to know that since my surgery's going to be during the summer anyway, but it's still nice to know!
And then Dr. Park's office is actually in the same building as my old orthodontist. It was just kinda weird to walk in the front doors of the building and walk past the ortho office!
So yeah. Now I just need to decide on one or the other.
My mom made the comment that Dr. Crawford was the oldest guy who had all the experience, Dr. Jenkins was the youngest with the latest technology and training, and then Dr. Park was somewhere in between the two.
Decisions, decisions. Augh.

On another note, I just love consultations because everyone just tells you how beautiful you are regardless of your jaw problems!


  1. that is a tough choice! so exciting that it is getting closer though :) best feeling ever to get it over with.

  2. Vid on what to expect after surgery ;)

  3. OMG yes! Consultations are the best, I have never been told "you're beautiful" so many times in one sitting...except by James Blunt.