Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Deal

On August 2nd I had a consultation with a new orthodontist. He told me I'd need double jaw surgery, and possibly a genioplasty (just to help my profile). He said I'd need braces for about 6 months prior to getting surgery. I asked him if it were possible to have my mouth ready for surgery by December, so I could be operated on during Christmas break, and he said maybe. I'd have to talk to the oral surgeon about it.
So what's happened since August 2?
  • I had a consultation with an oral surgeon
    • He basically told me everything I knew from my orthodontic consultation and blog-stalking, except he told me I'd need to get my wisdom teeth out. Oh, and I'd have to wait til next summer for surgery. No chance getting it during Christmas break.
  • I waited for two weeks for something to happen
    • My family's insurance had the possibility of changing, so we didn't want to get the process started and then have to stop if the new insurance didn't approve, so I waited and waited for something to happen.
  • Nothing happened.
    • We didn't get new insurance.
  • The wisdom teeth appointment was made!
    • I'm getting my wisdom teeth out October 18, 2013
  • The braces appointment was made!
    • I'm getting braces (for the third time) October 28, 2013
It feels good to finally see progress after waiting for what seemed like FOREVER.
I hope to have info worth updating for soon.
Pictures to come.

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