Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I had an orthodontist appoinment a week ago!
All Dr. Christiansen did was reconfigure my wires a little and tell me that I'd probably be able to get a surgery date at my next appointment(!!!!!!!!!!).

So that's that.

I'm at a sad point in my life where I get more excited for orthodontist appointments than anything else going on in my life.

Here's a song that accurately describes how I feel about this whole orthognathic process (as long as you apply it metaphorically)

I feel like I can especially relate to the line, "So near and yet, so very far."
Only 22 days 17 hours and 24 minutes from now until my next appoinment!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hey so,

I had an ortho appointment on the 1st of April, and here's what happened: I got some more impressions done (and my impression gunk was cotton candy flavored!!), I got my wires reconfigured, which I was grateful for because I was starting to get a gap in between my two front teeth, and the way they bent them has made the gap close up! And el orthodontisto, Dr. C, thinks I probably won't be ready for surgery by the beginning of summer, which has been the plan from the beginning. It's not the greatest of news, but, as Tim Gunn would say, I'm going to "Make it work!"

I have another ortho appointment in three weeks.